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Employment Law
Labour law and litigation

Our services include drafting of all relevant contracts of employment and seperation agreements, chairing of internal disciplinary enquiries including appeal enquiries, providing general employment advice on various subject matters, preparing charge sheets and relevant notices for employers, prosecuting internal enquiries where representation is permitted, representation of either the employer or the employee with CCMA, Bargaining Council, Labour Court or High Court litigation and we assist clients with settlement negotiations and wage negotiations.

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Employment Law
Sports Law

Employment law and contract law are just two of the various areas of law which finds application in the captivating world of professional sports in South Africa.

Most clubs, franchise, provincial and national side contracts entered into with professional sportsmen and women are done so through means of contracts, usually fixed-term in nature.
Despite the fixed-term nature of these agreements, an employment relationship is created and as such, sportsmen, sportswomen and coaches who have signed fixed-term contracts are permitted to utilise the protection afforded to all employees in terms of inter alia the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995.

Like any other employment relationship, there may often be disputes arising between the player or coach and the club, franchise, national or provincial side's representatives or the board. These failed relationships may have a substantial and negative effect on not only the parties concerned but also on team members and performance if not handled effectively.

Our purpose is to assist players, coaches, clubs and franchises achieve positive outcomes to failed relationships through means of mediation, arbitration or litigation.

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